Opening over 33 years ago, Rivendell is a premiere cleaning service for businesses along the Wasatch front.  Our professionalism and dedication has allowed us to grow and has brought us many referrals and long-term relationships.  All of our new business over the recent years has come exclusively from referrals from current relationships.

We have a team mentality. Everyone pitches in and has a stake in our success. Whether cleaning a small retail space, medical center, or major business complex, we put in the same amount of energy and level of professionalism. Use us one time and you'll never have to or want to call on another cleaning crew again.


Rather than some quote from a talking head, we hold out our track record as the biggest compliment of  our service, responsiveness and professionalism.  Our expansion of over 25% growth in the past two years has come directly from current tenant and property manager relationships who have experienced "Rivendell clean" and have chosen us again to provide services in new buildings for them. 

- Scott H.